Pocket Jump Starter

Never get stranded with a dead battery again.

  • Can also provide power to laptops, phones, and more.
  • Self-recharges using your car's 12V outlet or AC power.
  • Start a car up to 20 times on a single charge.

Rated 4.5   Rated 4.5 Stars


Product Description

No more bothering with bulky jumper cables - jump start your car with the compact Pocket Jump Starter!

This pocket-sized portable battery charger allows you to power up a dead car battery, or even start your vehicle with no battery at all!

Made from the same type of batteries used in electric cars, the Pocket Jump Starter packs enough power to start a car with a dead battery up to 20 times without recharging - then, once your car is running, just plug it into your car's 12V outlet and it recharges itself!

The Pocket Jump Starter also features an onboard USB port for charging your phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. It makes a great tool for traveling, camping, or working outside when power isn't available. So toss those jumper cables in the trash and save space with this handy tool!

14000mAh capacity, 600 Peak Amp Current. Includes all accessories shown (Jump Starter/Portable Charger, Laptop adapter, Car charger, storage battery wire clip, Four-in-one mobile phone adapter, Home adapter, User Manual).

Pocket Jump Starter

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